What is wingsfit


Centered around the WINGSFIT app, participants turns fitness goals into:
– Income
– Social Joy
– Friendly competition
Powered by the leading technology in metaverse, augmented reality, and blockchain.


In WINGSFIT playes will be able to walk or jog as a team. Each user can buy, sell or rent sneakers at the in-app marketplace.


Our mission is to inspire people to replace the screen with fresh air and the passive lifestyle with an easy and exciting way to take care of their health.

start with Sneakers


To start with, you need to install the app on your smartphone with GPS and step counting function, go to the in-app marketplace, purchase or rent virtual (NFT) sneakers for your character, and go for a walk or jog. After tapping the «START» button and maintaining your desired pace, the app will automatically earn tokens within your daily energy limit.

Walker            1-6 (KM/HR)

Runner         8-20 (KM/HR)

Jogger           4-10 (KM/HR)

Trainer         1-20 (KM/HR)



WFT tokens are awarded for movement when the account has enough energy. One energy unit is burned for 5 minutes of movement with tokens awarded as default. At the start, after buying or renting one pair of virtual NFT «common» sneakers, you get 2 units of energy. The energy is regenerated every 6 hours by 25%, meaning it is completely regenerated in 24 hours. If you want to have more energy, you can also buy more NFT sneakers or create rarer sneakers.

character abilities


In-app marketplace, you can purchase or rent virtual (NFT) clothes and trousers for your character to enhance the character abilities. Gear Attributes:
Efficiency, Luck, Resilience, Comfort
Except for Sneakers, Gears will not provides an energy supply.

game Features


Can be outfitted for higher revenue and efficiency


WFT tokens are awarded for movement when the account has enough energy. One energy unit is burned for 5 minutes of movement with tokens awarded as default.

NFT Gears

It can bring higher income by upgrading, minting and other equipment with higher efficiency.

NFT Gear Box

Gear Boxes contain a gear inside. The higher the rarity of the box, the higher the chance of getting a rare gear.

Gem and Sockets

Unlock Gem Sockets once their Gears reach a certain level, and are able to enhance their Gear Attributes by inserting the corresponding Gems into the unlocked Sockets.

Mystery Chest

It contains random NFT, GEM or WFT tokens. Each different level of profile has a different number of daily tasks.


Q3 2022

Team setup ✓

Project ideation ✓

Product specs ✓


Q4 2022

✓ Public sale

Dex/Cex Listing


Closed beta version

Q1 2023

Open Beta

Social-Fi Release

Social Marketing Campaign

Q2 2023

DEX integration

NFT Collaborations

New movement validators

World Tourment



Over 500 mentions in press, featuring: 





Human Chan

Lead designer

Kail Cheung

Lead UI&UX

Derek Chan

brand manager

Fai  Wong

marketing manager

Kenneth Ho

chief community manager

Kelvin Kwok



WINGSFIT project officials provide feedback on any issues exclusively in the public domain. If you have an offer to buy tokens or gears in private message, you can be sure they are scammers.

Does WINGSFIT have a token?

Yes, WINGSFIT is a multi-chain cryptocurrency.
it will be available first on Binance Smart Chain.

Where can I interact with & meet other community members?

Please join our Discord server or Telegram where you can meet the rest of the community!

What's special about WINGSFIT?

Inclusive fitness should not be a concept; it should be the norm. And that’s what makes WINGSFIT truly unique and special, as it is the first inclusive fitness app for everyone, to help everyone get moving and improve their physical health – regardless of any limitations. Our app is designed to be accessible for all users, with features that accommodate different abilities. So, whether you’re, you can still enjoy all the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle with WINGSFIT.

what is wingsfit?

WINGSFIT is a Web3 lifestyle app with inbuilt Game-Fi, Sport-Fi and Social-Fi elements. WINGSFIT is not just a game where users are rewarded in $WFT/WST/NFTs by walking, moving, doing exercise and completing in-app challenges. An app for a healthy lifestyle that pays the user for movement.

When will the nft marketplace be available?

The launch of the marketplace is scheduled for December 2022. Subscribe to our social networks and stay tuned for announcements so you don’t miss anything.

Will it be possible to rent gears?

We plan to implement this option for owners of gears of high rarity and level of upgrade, after that — for everyone else.

Will there be activation code?

We will use activation code to moderate the growth of  users, we will describe the mechanics in more detail a bit later.